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Why I’m Not “Binding” Donald Trump

(^Above photo:^ New York Post.)

Link:  Witches Around the World Plot Mass Spell Against Trump

I won’t be joining these witches in this binding of Donald Trump.

Here’s why.

Donald Trump does not merit this kind of magical attention, IMO. We *are* talking about a 70-year-old overweight cis male who’s in the shat pile way, way, WAY over his head… he’s got the rope, and he WILL hang himself.

I would rather put my magical energy toward warding my family, friends, and property as a means of surviving and thriving (to the extent that thriving is possible) until Donald Trump does himself in.

I’m going to use my power to acquire and hold on to resources that my posse’s gonna need.

I’m petitioning my guides and spirits for insights and, yes, warnings that I may need to keep my posse safe.

Now, I have no problem with hexing or binding in general. But in this very particular case, I’d rather use my power FOR the people I love rather than AGAINST someone who I despise.

It concerns me that “binding” Trump might prevent some segment of the public from seeing and understanding the full-on horror that is Trump.

Were I to do anything, it would be to apply the magical version of a hot, moist compress to him so that he can come to a head and be popped like an infected boil. And, yes, it might look gross and ugly until we members of collective clean it up. But you’ve got to know the extent of the problem in order to deal with it effectively.

Your mileage may vary, of course. I realize that some people have already reached the point of “have to.” And I understand that.

But, like I said, I’m not wasting my magical resources on him unless I absolutely have to.