Astrology–Work With Me!

Why Astrology?

It is a mythic map which shows the myriad ways universal archetypes can show up in our lives.
–Adam Sommer

Astrology is but one spiritual tool among many useful spiritual tools. Astrology has been practiced within the context of various cultures for approximately 4,000 years.

A much-heard criticism of astrology is that “the stars don’t control our lives.” Of course they don’t! There is no intent by the sky or the planets to control our lives.

But if you’ve had the experience of swimming in the ocean, for example, you know that, to some degree, you are going to be subject to the tides whether you like it or not. People who spend more than just casual time at or on the seas make it their business to learn the nature of the ocean. They might keep handy some charts that tell them when high tide and low tide occur. They might keep their eyes peeled for rip currents and be alert to the presence of undertows.

Astrology is rather like that–you might think of it as a way to track and navigate the tides of Fate.

Some of the things astrology can do for you include these:

Provide a mythic, symbolic, and intuitive language that we can use to explore the aspects of our lives that go beyond the purely material.

Offer a holistic system through which anyone of any religion (or no religion at all) might organize and interpret their life experiences.

Illuminate our personality and purpose, our gifts and challenges.

Understand and even solve, at times, problems with people and circumstances.

Help us understand how we, as spiritual beings, move through Fate over many lifetimes, if you believe in them–I do!

“… we’re not just born empty… we’re born carrying stories, carrying memories. And we learn to look at how to see those memories in a chart.”
–Mark Jones

Astrology can help us to understand the past, navigate the present, and understand the future.

How may I help you today?

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