Tom Cruise and North Node Leo: Outer Child and “Inner Child”

Tom Cruise with his daughter, Suri

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Rumors have been circulating recently that Tom Cruise is leaving the Church of Scientology, and that being separated from his daughter, Suri, is a weighty motivating factor in this decision (if the rumors are true).

Cruise was born July 3, 1962, in Syracuse, New York. We don’t know the exact birth time for Cruise, but a noon natal chart for him tells a very credible story about this dilemma. (And if we do get a confirmed birth time, I’ll re-evaluate the chart accordingly.)

In the noon chart, his South Node is in Aquarius in the 11th house, exactly conjunct Saturn. Accordingly, his North Node is in Leo and 5th house.

Tom Cruise has done a great job of “shining” in his life as an actor, true to his North Node in Leo. So he got that part right.

But the story these nodes tell is that reprioritizing (South Node)–on some level–the Church of Scientology (11th house) so that he can be more engaged (Leo) in his child’s (5th house) life would be a pretty good idea.

It doesn’t take astrology or an astrologer to know that your children are (or should be) far more important to you than your church is. I’ve had my own experiences, too, as someone also born that year with Aquarius/Leo South and North Nodes, about how “church issues” can mess with a person’s head.

But it looks to me as if there’s something that Cruise himself needs too, beyond the needs that his “outer” child (Suri) may have. I think his inner child desperately needs a chance to come out and play too.  There is so much of “the grownup” and “the old man” and “the guy who dutifully keeps everything on track” reflected in an 11th house Saturn in Aquarius.

Problem is, Cruise has gotten burned before when he publicly let his inner child out to play.

Remember him jumping up and down on Oprah’s sofa? The collective (11th house) saw what looked to them like a childish (5th house shadow) or perhaps egotistical (Leo shadow) display and groaned (Saturn).

Tom Cruise Being North Node LeoPeople who are tuned in to the network (11th house) can be so sarcastic and cynical (Saturn). Sometimes the rest of us are a little too judgy about how people are behaving. Their journey is their journey, not your journey. Can’t we share a little of someone else’s happiness too?

If Cruise was authentically feeling childlike joy in that moment and decided to trampoline on Oprah’s sofa, he was being and doing his North Node Leo/5th house. And that was a “right” thing for him to do.

Oprah said, “He’s gone. He’s gone. The boy is gone.”

But no. In fact, the “boy”–the joyful Leo North Node/5th house “child”–was right there, jumping up and down on the sofa. I know Oprah was joking, but… oddly… what she said expressed a deep truth about the nature of Saturn in Aquarius and the 11th house.

“The boy is gone.” And the message here of North Node in Leo and the 5th house is, perhaps, “The boy needs to return.”

One way to do right by North Node in Leo and the 5th house is for Cruise to enjoy a warm, joyful, engaged, individual-to-individual relationship–conducted away from the criticizing eyes of “The Network” or “The Church”–with his daughter.

Tom Cruise has had a great run as an actor. Is it time for him to lighten his acting schedule–or perhaps even retire outright–so that he can invest in creating a strong relationship with his little girl? Is it time for him to leave the Church of Scientology? Is it time for him to give his Saturnian/11th house “old man” a chance to see the world anew through the eyes of a child?

It’s all up to him, of course. That’s a statement which, in and of itself, also encapsulates a North Node Leo lesson.

North Node Leo:  Suit Yourself

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Now, I know, not everyone can afford to stop working to spend time with their kids or engage with their own inner child. But Cruise has the financial privilege available to him to do that, if he wanted to.

I’ve said this before:  A Leo North Node is entitled to enjoy some privileges that are not afforded to the rest of us.

But you should also know that North Node Leos paid some heavy dues somewhere along the line, whether that was in their early lives or in a past life or lives–and it could be both.

South Node Aquarius (which is always opposite the Leo North Node) sacrificed too much for the sake of humanity or for brother/sisterhood or to an organization such as a church. And they lost themselves in the process. Especially if Saturn is conjunct their South Node, like Cruise’s is, that loss of Self may have utterly crushed them–body, mind, heart, and spirit.

North Node Leos are ready to regain their own sense of Self. They are ready to lighten their load of responsibility toward the church or the government or even “just” the PTA. They are ready to pay attention to what’s important to them. They are ready to take responsibility for fulfilling their own needs and wants and desires. They want to stop running organizations and sacrificing everything they have to “The Cause.”

And it’s right that they should undertake that journey to Selfhood.

I firmly believe that the world is made a little better place when we can authentically join in the happiness of others. And I think the angels rejoice when someone uses their privilege to do something good in the world. Even if the good you’re doing only directly impacts one child or one little family, what you’re doing matters.

Is your North Node in Leo? How are you balancing your South Node Aquarius lessons to help you shine in life? Share in the comments!

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