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“The Secret” to Manifestation–Astrology Clears This Up

Did you know that there’s a “Secret” to manifestation?

Of course you did. A whole industry has grown up in the blogosphere, based on Rhonda Byrne’s book entitled The Secret. And now perky young “spiritual women” have appeared in the blogosphere who are willing to “life coach” you all the way to manifesting gobs of money, success, and satisfaction. Many of them are asking for thousands of dollars from you to provide their services to you.

A few months ago, as I was gathering information and checking out resources for bringing my astrology website online, I ran across some of these “life coaches” and checked out their Facebook groups. To be honest, I found many of these women to be sorely lacking in depth and life experience and just plain realness. And some of them, it was clear, were simply “super-excited to be working from home!!!”

It seems that the people these young women are “helping” seem to be, by and large, other perky young spiritual women. I suspect that that these are Uranus conjunct Neptune in Capricorn (roughly 1990-1996) kids. They constitute the first wave of modern kids who are growing up specifically to be freelancers and “giggers.”

Neptune isn’t real happy in Capricorn, though. Capricorn wants you to work your ass off, follow a schedule, and be disciplined; Neptune, however, wants you to sit on the couch all day, hit the bong, and contemplate the meaning of life.

A Uranus/Neptune combination can throw sudden distractions at you too–like, is your cellphone constantly chirping out notifications? By the end of the day, how much actual work did you really get done?

Uranus can also be a cattle prod. But once the cattle prod has roused you back to awareness, what do you do next?

It’s understandable from an astrological perspective that these kids want a different type of work and career experience than their parents’ generation can offer them. And it’s also true that the highest expression of Neptune conjunct Uranus can be creative, inspired, and visionary. But be careful out there. You know the old saying:  “If the blind lead the blind, both will fall into a pit.” (Actually, that’s in the New Testament:  Matthew 15:14, for those who care to check the reference.)

Here’s the thing:  Manifestation, done right, is a dirty job. But you’d never know it by the shiny, happy, squeaky-clean product that some of these inexperienced young women are selling.

Manifestation–How Do We Make Our Dreams Real?

dreams and time - wandering star astrologySome of the personal development and spiritual development “junkies” drive me batshit crazy, giving advice such as “Visualize your success!” “See it, feel it, be it!” “Really feel it!” But they leave out part of the equation.

The image at the top of this post talks about “manifesting your dreams.” Well, astrology informs me that dreams are Neptunian. Thoughts are Mercurial. Perceptions are Mercurial and can be Uranian too. But dreams and thoughts and perceptions all have one thing in common:  They’re all just part of the ether.

So how do we make our thoughts and dreams real?

Visualizing your success and positive thinking aren’t enough. You have to give sufficient attention to your real-world circumstances on the ground too. And astrology informs me that this requires Saturn. 

Saturn is about doing the work. It’s about duty and responsibility. It’s about the passage of time. It’s about delayed gratification. It’s about attention to quality, and it’s about fierce integrity.

The personal and spiritual development “junkies” sometimes don’t emphasize doing the work, unfortunately. They get rich by making people feel good, but feelings are illusory. Work is a necessary part of the manifestation picture.

The planet Saturn and all it represents can invoke dread, even for those who only  know a little bit of astrology. But Saturn’s kind of like Honey Badger–Saturn “don’t care” if you like him or not. But he can be a useful traveling companion on the road of life, if nothing else.

What structures are you building in the real world to support your success?

Changing and improving your circumstances in the real world can be hard. And you must engage with that work if you want to manifest change and success and happiness in life.

Now, here’s a problem:  Sometimes when people want something, they want it RIGHT. EFFIN’. NOW. 

tw-That's not how this works. - wanderingstarastrologyBut that’s not typically how manifestation works.

Sometimes you can manifest 20 bucks quickly, but the bigger stuff requires more attention to structure. It requires looking at your life–past, present, and future–with an eye toward understanding the landscape of what you lack versus what you need or what you desire.

And you need a container for the success and happiness that you want to draw to you.

Let’s say you want a glass of water, and you’re determined to have it right effin’ now. You take a pitcher of cool water out of your fridge and turn it upside down over the counter. Um, did you put a cup or glass down first to catch the water? If you didn’t, that water’s going to go all over the counter. And wanting something right this second, before you had a structure in place, just created a whole new set of problems for you.

But if you’re careful about the timing and speed at which you’re pouring it, the water’s going to end up in the glass, and then you can be refreshed by it. It’s also possible to pour too slow rather than pouring too fast. Timing is all about Saturn too.

Most of us can pour a glass of something to drink in a timely manner without making a mess, so we already realize in some small way how to accomplish something.

Manifestation is much like pouring a glass of water:  1) Understand your own needs and desires. 2) Do the work to build real-world structure(s) to support what’s coming your way. 3) Pay attention to timing.  4) Accept that what you want may not be in the cards for you –it may not be part of your Fate. 5) I believe that the human condition can be summed up in five words:  “Some asshole always gets greedy.” Don’t let your greed fuck up the world any more than it already is.

“Belief” isn’t even completely necessary when you’re trying to manifest something. Belief can actually throw a monkeywrench into your process. Take your “belief” and go the next step–verify what you believe. You may find that you need to do some extra work because what you believed wasn’t actually true. But knowing what is true rather than what you just think or believe is true can aid your manifestation process!


So where does Saturn show up in your birth chart? In what area(s) of your life do you feel limited? How are you doing your Saturn work in the real world to manifest what you need or desire?