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Rose McGowan: Lilith’s Avatar (Part 2)

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So I’ll move on from the Lilith archetype now to touch on some other things about her chart.

Asteroid Requiem 2254 is at 5 Capricorn, exact on her North Node. Astrologer Alex Miller defines this as “a marker of death, change or transformation. It can also indicate acknowledgement of grief, honors paid to the dead, remembrance of those departed, and monuments. There can be sense of cessation, or rest from labors, and acceptance of change or loss, coming to terms with loss.” In this case, I would speculate that this represents the loss of her Cancerian South Node innocence and her Geminian ingenue persona.

Asteroid Ophelia 171 is at 25 Sagittarius, conjunct the Galactic Center at 26 Sagittarius. Miller defines Ophelia as “insanity and death by drowning, which can be rendered metaphysically as a feeling of being ‘inundated’ or overwhelmed by circumstance.” Ophelia can be viewed as descriptive of the essential character of Rose’s Neptune in Sagittarius, becoming “lost” (a metaphor for death) in something big and overwhelming (Sagittarius). As well, the knowledge that a Jacuzzi was involved in the alleged triggering incident can be symbolic of drowning. Also, with Ophelia, “It can also indicate high drama or hysterics, over-reaction, and feelings of doubt, insecurity, or lack of self-worth.”

While I don’t believe Rose is overreacting to the alleged triggering incident with Weinstein, a recent public interaction that Rose had with a transwoman brought to mind Ophelia for me.

One person can’t possibly fight every battle in the War on Women. Rose’s “battle front” is laid out for her on the battlefield of the toxic rape culture of Hollywood. While transwomen’s rights in our society are also important (and I do personally believe and acknowledge that transwomen are women) I feel that transwomen need to be the primary players in transwomen’s battles.

While it’s great to know that others support our various fights, we all have to fight our own battles. Maturity is about having strength and knowledge and wisdom available to you so that you can know the difference. When you’re in the thick of your own battle, it’s not reasonable for someone to expect you to break off and carry some water to their battle too. Part of “adulting” is about recognizing your limits and setting boundaries. And it’s important for Rose (and for everyone, really) to do exactly that.

The Paige Path

It seems to me that Rose McGowan has actually been traveling “The Paige Path” (a reference to Paige Matthews, the character she played on Charmed) in real life as well as via this TV character.

“From Paige’s point of view, you go to bed one night, and you think you’re a single child, and no one understands you. Then you wake up the next morning, and you find out you’ve got sisters who are witches, who’ve got supernatural powers, who have a destiny that you must now share and embrace, and you must learn your new powers.”
— Charmed executive producer Brad Kern

The reference to a “child” learning new powers and growing into adulthood perfectly describes Rose’s Cancerian South Node/Capricorn North Node axis.

Rose has been moving for some years away from being The Naïf toward being The Nasty Woman. And Nasty Women don’t put up with your rapey bullshit. Saturn on the South Node symbolizes a fierce commitment to Getting Real and Growing Up.

“When I was a child, I talked like a child, I thought like a child, I reasoned like a child. When I became a (wo)man, I put the ways of childhood behind me.” — I Corinthians 13:11, New Testament

But you keep what’s good and useful about childhood as an adult.

So Saturn conjunct South Node… it’s a tough row to hoe. I totally sympathize/empathize with Rose on this count:  My own Saturn is conjunct the South Node too, but mine’s in the 8th house and Aquarius. We’re in good company, though. Maya Angelou, for one, also had Saturn conjunct her South Node (widely, at least), and you know she was pretty fierce.

Performance Art and Healing

McGowan’s Saturn/South Node in Cancer 1st house opposes Black Moon Lilith/North Node in Capricorn 7th house. Squaring both of these aspects is Pluto at 3 Libra in her 5th house of creative expression.

While BML and the nodes wouldn’t traditionally be considered part of a T-square, something significant is nonetheless happening with the mingling of these energies in her chart.

Astrologer Steven Forrest notes this about about Pluto in the 5th house:

“Plutonian creative self-expression must be defined as broadly as possible. Sometimes it comes down to volunteering personal anecdotes that start conversations about sensitive topics: a ‘performance’ in every sense. Reveal enough of yourself in the tale, and others are encouraged to do the same…even if they do so only inwardly. That’s high creativity and healing theater, just as much as anything that might be more readily identified as ‘art.'”

Rose McGowan Insolence E online

“Insolence [is] considered as one of the fine arts.” — Pablo Picasso (Photo retrieved at E! Online.)

I’ve seen no indication that McGowan’s words and actions as catalogued in the media are a conscious effort to do performance art. But isn’t it an interesting way to direct people’s attention to one’s cause? Characterizing and approaching her activist work as performance art would make it no less real and no less relevant than it actually is.

Some of the broad characteristics of performance art include these:

  • It’s avant-garde.
  • It lends itself to anarchism–meaning, in this frame of reference, challenging and ridiculing so-called “authority figures” in Hollywood (“melted pineapple” anyone?)
  • It reflects the rise of feminism.
  • It has become more “accepted” over time by the (art) world as a means of creative self-expression

Pluto’s intense pressure can turn lumps of coal into diamonds. In the 5th house, specifically, it might look like some of these (and more):  It can transform toxic denial and anger into unfettered warmth and engagement. It can transform a sense of jaded disappointment into a sense of wonder. It can transform a scullery maid into a king or queen who rests easier, knowing that they are their own sovereign. In the 5th house, Pluto escorts you through the underworld to bring you to the realization that real, true love starts with loving yourself–mistakes and imperfections and all. It can impress upon you the idea that pleasure and creativity are your birthright. It can impress upon you that love is impossible without vulnerability.

The meta theme of the [5th] house is the relationship between pleasure, creativity and risk. Or, paraphrasing Jesus, it’s the house where we become as little children, or make them.
–Eric Francis Coppolino

“Becoming like a child” from Pluto in Leo 5th’s perspective brings McGowan back around to the knowledge that it’s okay to claim the affirmative characteristics of her Geminian ingénue persona. It’s about (re)claiming what is childlike and moving away from what is childish. This is part of the maturation process.

Transiting Saturn currently in square with her natal Pluto brings an extra sense of duty and weight to the process of making these transformations. The process takes time, and time is ruled by Saturn.

Becoming “The Witch”

The metaphor that rings true for me about Rose McGowan’s astrology and her journey forward is that she has been undergoing an initiation, of sorts, as part of her maturation process. This initiation, we can say, is one that ushers her into the sisterhood of “witches” (by which I mean, in this case, feminists). The thing is, witchcraft initiations aren’t characterized by heaping helpings of New Age “Love and Light.” Initiation requires a journey through the Underworld.

You can read here about how postulants were initiated into The Eleusinian Mysteries if you’d like to understand a bit about the terror, anxiety, confusion, and more that accompanied an old-school initiatory process.

McGowan’s BML, North Node, and Pluto are currently being triggered by Saturn’s transit through early Capricorn. Saturn here is demanding from McGowan some fierce integrity and dogged commitment to duty and just plain hard work. Saturn’s entry into Sagittarius on Christmas Eve of 2014 signaled for her the start of another period of heavy lifting around the topic of Hollywood and Weinstein, a process that continues to this date. A few short months later, the #RoseArmy was born.

Do you have any thoughts to add about Rose McGowan’s astrology? Share in the comments! 

*     *     *

While the healing methods mentioned herein are helpful, they’re very specific to what I see as Rose McGowan’s transformative healing journey. What others may require for their own transformative process may be different, so it’s important to work with an astrologer (or psychotherapist, if you feel you need that level of assistance) who can speak with specificity to your own astrological situation. And astrology works fabulously as a companion to psychotherapy. Get in touch with me for a consultation.