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Q: “Why do people keep insulting my intelligence?”

“Can someone tell me why people keep insulting my intelligence? I’ve been feeling defensive because people keep explaining really obvious things to me.”

With your Scorpio ascendant, you seem to be a bit of a mystery to others. Perhaps they are projecting their own picture onto you to relieve their own uncertainty.

However, your South Node in Scorpio on the Ascendant reveals a natural tendency on your part to dive headlong into what’s deep, complex, and hidden (occult). And there’s nothing inherently evil about that–in astrology, we say that a planet is “occulted” when it is hidden.

Your Mercury and Saturn in Scorpio and the 1st house suggest that your dedication to this deep-dive for the Universe’s mysterious messages is an integral part of your identity. The presence of your Sun and Pluto on the “dark” side of the ascendant in Scorpio further confirm a focus on what’s hidden. And Pluto is the deepest digger of all!

Your Jupiter in Aquarius (the future) and the 3rd house (the mind) confirms that you are someone who’s ahead of the curve in your thought processes. You’re naturally wired here to ask questions and expand your perceptions. However, Neptune is squaring Venus and Mars in your 11th house, which definitely paints a picture of friction in how your ideas are received by “the collective” (meaning groups of friends, or your social network). Neptune suggests a lack of clarity–something’s getting lost in translation.

Your South Node’s presence in the 12th house also suggests formlessness and vagueness. Ideas that originate in the 12th house can be impractical, but the 12th house is also unquestionably plugged in to the Universal Flow. Jupiter also squares your North Node, so while that communication needs to happen, this square brings more friction into the picture.

So how do you turn hidden, vague, yet deep ideas into something that’s present and practical and relevant and useful?

Your North Node in Taurus and the 6th house, conjunct the Descendant, asks you to simplify these ideas for others. It asks you to communicate your ideas in a way that’s down to earth, uncomplicated, and simple to understand. And how do those ideas play out in the workaday world?

Orthodoxy Versus Heresy

Your 8th house Chiron in Gemini opposing Uranus in Sagittarius and the 2nd house provides some key backstory to your question.

Gemini has questions, while Sadge has answers. Sadge’s answers are orthodox and traditional, while Gemini’s questions can be perceived as kooky and heretical.

To illustrate this, let’s say that you are a priest or a pastor, very traditionally and conservatively educated, who one day starts having visionary experiences of Jesus. And the Jesus you see in your visions says things that fly in the face of the tradition and orthodoxy that you learned in the seminary. Now, how do you think the “learned academics” will respond if you start telling them about your visions?

As the story goes with Jesus, at least some of them might want to crucify you! What you’ve learned is just not comfortable to people who have invested themselves in a certain set of beliefs.

Nonetheless, you are very fortunate to have visions of your own that you can experience and follow. Don’t let anyone take that away from  you.

For you, with an 8th house Chiron in Gemini, this:

Your healing journey involves learning to speak your truth, and your gift is to share your unique perspective with others. Stop worrying about what other people think and turn inwards to tune into your intuition. This will help you to recognise your unique genius and find your particular area of expertise and understanding. — Jessica Davidson

Again, it’s clear from your chart that you are tuned into something that not everyone else can understand (yet). But that doesn’t mean you’re wrong. On the contrary! I think you’ll often run into people who simply haven’t caught up to you yet. This will give you a chance to stretch toward embracing your North Node and your Chiron/Gemini healing process.

With this chart setup, you have a choice:  You can either focus on the defensiveness of being misunderstood and perhaps belittled by people who, to be honest, may not be as painstaking and advanced in their thinking as you are–or you can offer them information that can help them to catch up to the present and look to the future in their own thought processes. While you can’t force them, you can give them some meat to chew on. But they have to understand what you’re talking about first.

Your best Self is going to share the amazing things you see and know with words that are both simple and relevant.

Simplicity is, in its own way, as beautiful as complexity is.

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