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Your Progressed Lunation Cycle

Are you aware of where you’re at in your progressed lunation cycle? If you’ve never heard of it, this is a great time to explore it!

So here’s the basic deal:

“The progressed Sun and Moon perform the same dance every thirty years, its timing entirely dependent on our personal birth chart. When the progressed Moon (moving at approximately 13 degrees a year) joins the progressed Sun (travelling at 1 degree a year) we, individually, experience a progressed New Moon for a period of three and a half years. For people born during a Last Quarter or Balsamic phase, that is towards the end of the monthly cycle, this could happen very early in life; for those born at a New Moon or Crescent phase on the other hand, it could be in their mid- to late twenties. The progressed lunation cycle thus beats a slow but deeply meaningful rhythm to our lives, one that we may easily overlook but that can actually put even slow moving Pluto transits into a larger context. It is worthwhile, therefore, to pay attention to whatever progressed Moon phase we are currently at so we can attune ourselves to it.”– Frederique Boele (

In the progressed chart, the moon makes an approximately 30-year tour around the entirety of your chart. This extended length of time gives it, for me, a gravity similar to that of a Saturn Return.

The late, great Dane Rhudyar explains why it’s worth looking at your progressed lunation cycle:

“As the period between the two actual New Moons is (approximately) 30 days, the period between two progressed New Moons in your life is a 30-year period. We speak of a “lunation cycle” lasting about a month; so we may speak as well of a “progressed lunation cycle” lasting about 30 years.

“Such a cycle has not been given much, if any, attention by astrologers — at least, not as a basic factor in the development of a human personality. Yet, the monthly lunation cycle and the New Moon chart are constantly being used, especially in mundane astrology. If there is validity in the study of this (approximately) 30-day cycle concerning human affairs, then there is no reason why the corresponding 30-year cycle of the progressed lunation cycle would not be even more important in a person’s life. Moreover, if there is validity in casting a chart for every New Moon, month after month, then there should likewise be great value in erecting charts for the two or three progressed New Moons which an individual lives through. These should logically characterize the general — very general, yet significant — quality of the 30-year periods of life which they initiate.” (“Progressed Lunation Charts” article at

As for myself, I’m aware that I’m currently in the “balsamic” phase until July 2018. On the U.S.’s Independence Day (July 4), I begin a new progressed lunation cycle. Isn’t that just perfect? At the same time, the transiting North Node is approaching my Ascendant. It has been really tough to just let myself be still and quiet during this time and release those things that are no longer appropriate for the new cycle.

Progressed Moon Calculator (via

You can use this easy calculator (linked above) to find out the dates important to your progressed lunation cycle.

Astrologer Nadia Gilchrist also gives a quick rundown of the eight phases of the progressed lunation cycle here.


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