Patrick Reed: Chiron in Cancer/Parental Estrangement

My husband and I were having lunch at Buffalo Wild Wings on Sunday, and The Masters Tournament was featured on the main TV screen as well as several other screens in the restaurant.

Chiron in Cancer, parental alienation, Patrick Reed

(Photo: Sports Illustrated.)

The cameras were mostly focused on the guy wearing the pink golf shirt. I learned that Mr. Pink Shirt was golfer Patrick Reed, who ended up winning the revered tournament in Augusta, Georgia, on Sunday.

Reed was born on August 5, 1990, in San Antonio, Texas. His time of birth is not available. Below is his natal chart, set for 8:00 AM. I used whole sign houses, since we don’t know his birth time.


Chiron in Cancer, parental alienation, Patrick Reed astro_2gw_patrick_reed_hw.72012.8162

(Chart: Astrodienst.)


Chiron in Cancer, parental alienation, Patrick Reed

(Photo credit: Unknown. Via Pinterest.)

Reed has a Leo Sun with his Moon ever so slightly into Aquarius from Capricorn. Without a confirmed birth time, his ascendant is unknown. But his soft, rounded face and physique suggest to me that he has Cancer rising, which would put a speculative birth time between about 3:45 AM and 6:00 AM.

It became quickly clear as I began to learn about Reed that he has a difficult relationship with the public, which was clearly seen via the muted response to his Masters victory. Reed is also surrounded by rumors of family troubles and questions about his integrity.

Reed’s Family Troubles

Based on the concentration of energy in Cancer and Capricorn in Reed’s chart, let’s have a look at what might be going on where his family troubles are concerned. (My intuitive eye for picking out folks who have strong Cancer/Capricorn energy in their charts continues on…)

In 2016 Reed’s wife, Justine, publicly accused his parents of child abuse. She wrote,“They are sick people and need help. Time will tell all. And people are starting to wake-up and realize what kind of people his parents really are…” 

The article goes on to note that “In response, Reed’s sister, Hannah, responded back with her own Facebook post that defended Bill and Jeannette and denied any abuse claims. She then attacked her brother for becoming a ‘horrible stranger’ since ceasing contact with the family.”

As far as Hannah’s remarks are concerned, I can say that I’ve had some deeply painful personal experiences that attest to the fact that one child in a family may experience their parents very differently than another child does. So I can’t just lightly dismiss Hannah’s remarks as, “Oh, well, she’s family, she ought to know.” I know that what one family member perceives may not be what another family member has experienced.

One particular sentence that Hannah wrote struck me kind of oddly:

“It is time for the world to know how Patrick is continuing to play the victim.”

Was Patrick Reed a victim of something? Hannah’s words suggest to me that she believed at one point “then” that Patrick was victimized in some way. And she seems to be saying that “now” she disrespects the fact that he won’t let it go.

Chiron’s “Unhealable” Wound

Reed’s Chiron at 21 Cancer is opposed by Saturn at 20 Capricorn. Chiron in Cancer indicates clearly that Reed experienced something painful about his early home life and early nurturing. And it feels unhealable because there’s some sort of poison present, consistent with Chiron’s myth.

With Reed’s Leo Sun square Pluto in Scorpio and square Mars in Taurus, as well as with his Chiron in Cancer closely opposing Saturn in Capricorn, I can see echoes of a stern and unyielding father who might have used physical violence to keep a child in line or “on track.”

And with Reed’s moon just barely out of Capricorn into Aquarius, I can see echoes of a mother who had, perhaps, detached herself from empathizing with the pain that the father allegedly may have inflicted upon the child.

It’s possible that the father may have rationalized his stern, unyielding, and possibly violent behavior because he sensed that there was something soft about this child with Venus and Jupiter in Cancer, and he decided that the child needed to be toughened up (Capricorn). Possibly he may have sensed the pride and entitlement of this child’s Sun and South Node in Leo and decided that he needed to take the child down a peg (North Node Aquarius).

Chiron in Cancer, parental alienation, Patrick Reed

Patrick Reed with wife Justine. (Getty Images via The Sun.)

So it’s reasonable to me to understand why a young Patrick Reed may have perceived his parents and early home environment as unloving and uncaring.

Assertive, action-oriented Mars can struggle against the fixed and stable energy in Taurus. Taurus’s physical stability, in a way, echoes the emotional rigidity of Capricorn. His Mars in Taurus is opposed by Pluto in Scorpio. Pluto in Scorpio is doubly motivated to dig deeply into whatever it touches, and digging at a wound can be the last thing a person in pain wants to do.

Reed has got a lot of conflicting energy housed in Capricorn, with Saturn in its own sign plus Uranus and Neptune. Uranus bounces and ricochets all over the place, and Neptune wants to stay in bed all day and hit the bong. And yet all of the rigidity and discipline and structure he seems to have experienced in the home–and to some degree, within himself too, with his own Saturn in Capricorn–undoubtedly helped to turn Reed into the viable competitor he is today.

But I can see the other side of it too.  Does anyone really want to become a champion at the expense of their parents’ love? Children also need to feel loved, even as you’re impressing the need for discipline and consistency upon them. And if there was a “do as I say, not as I do” attitude permeating the home, I can see why Reed might be questioning his parent(s) motivation for being so unyielding with him.

And because this moon is also representative of Reed’s own fluctuating, ambivalent, and even detached emotions toward his family or origin, I can see how the Moon might lend some Aquarian detachment to his strategy for dealing with his wound.

family-2610205_640 - smpratt90atpixabay

(Photo: smpratt90@pixabay)

Venus in Cancer wants a happy and nurturing home, and it’s going to be very focused on creating that for itself. Another way of looking at Mars in Taurus opposing Pluto is that it’s extremely motivated (Mars) to assert its power (Pluto) to attain physical stability (Taurus), such as one would have via a home (Cancer). Though with its opposition to Pluto, that Martian drive pays a price in the form of traumatic, relentless transformation.

His Taurean Mars/Scorpionic Pluto opposition is also tied up in a T-square with his Leo Sun. This T-square speaks to a central issue in his life. His Mars in Taurus squares his Sun in Leo, and his Sun in Leo squares his Pluto in Scorpio. The Sun in Leo is the focal point of the T-square, so something about his personal will/ego is creating friction with Mars and Pluto.

One constructive way to work with a T-square is to “Look for a ‘release’ aspect—one that is foreign to the configuration… This will show a constructive ‘way out’ of a set pattern or a way to avoid any compulsive behaviour associated with the t-square.” (

In Reed’s case, a viable “foreign” aspect lies directly across the chart from his Leo Sun, in Aquarius–the sign where his North Node (and, barely, his Moon) reside. Interestingly, his Part of Fortune is also found at 5 Aquarius, only two degrees from his North Node at 7 Aquarius.

Unhappy With Family? Create Your Own

Jupiter in Cancer suggests expanding your family. So Reed’s Cancer/Capricorn placements may account for his early marriage, of which his parents are said to have disapproved.

So with Chiron in Cancer and having this “unhealable” wound from childhood, Reed seems to have instead created a family of choice via his own marriage and his own children as well as with his wife’s family. And that is a very fine thing to do, in and of itself. And Venus conjunct Chiron in Cancer may additionally suggest that he was able to find a wife who he perceived to be very protective and nurturing.

Now, as to why his parents may have disapproved of his marriage… only they really know their motivations for doing so. Reed was of legal age when he made the decision to marry, so that was a pretty serious gauntlet to throw down in front of their child.

But if you’ve been good to your kids, would it even enter your mind to think that your son who made good, financially speaking, wasn’t going to share some of his largesse with you? I’ve read a number of stories of professional athletes, such as this one, and this one, and this one, and this one, who bought homes for their parents or paid off their parents’ mortgages, for example.

What are some of the reasons that a son might basically disown his parents? As the old saying goes, “where there’s smoke, there’s fire.” It’s certainly both wise and fair to ask, “Where’s the fire?”

Saturn’s Fierce Integrity

Chiron in Cancer, parental alienation, Patrick Reed

(Photo: Das Wortgewand@Pixabay)

In Reed’s natal chart, Saturn’s presence in Capricorn–the sign it rules–represents a double expectation of attention to duty and fierce integrity.

But there is also Neptune in Capricorn to deal with. One of Neptune’s weak spots is that it is vulnerable to projections because the observer can’t see clearly through Neptune’s fog. So the observer fills in the blanks with their own projections. And, more often than not, the observer projects their own Shadow onto what they’re observing.

Saturn inhabiting Capricorn with Reed’s Neptune can be interpreted as a message that all of his activities need to be beyond reproach. If and when we get a birth time for him, we can look at the zodiac houses with specificity to clarify its meaning.

South Node Leo: Coming from Wealth

A Leo South Node has had many past-life opportunities to experience itself and develop its ego. It can also suggest a person who, as some variety of “royalty,” had great wealth available to it in a past life or lives. And when you have lots of money, people tend to continually ask you for money. I can see how such a person would be suspicious of others’ motives for engaging with them.

Chiron in Cancer, parental alienation, Patrick Reed

(Photo: Nikolay Frolochkin@Pixabay)

There can also be a sense, with South Node Leo, that you’re entitled to something rather than having to work for it. This may speak to the lack of integrity that some have perceived about him.

I don’t care who you are–it’s humiliating to even be accused of cheating and stealing. If the allegations (about the stealing, at least) are provable, it’s curious to me that no charges were filed.

South Node Leo can also have an unhealthy attachment to drama. It’s said that “There’s no such thing as bad publicity.” But I think we can see in Reed’s case that this isn’t actually true. In a way, I feel like he may be projecting the feelings of un-love and un-care he seems to have experienced at home onto the collective because it’s what his Chiron in Cancer expects. And it’s totally unnecessary. If you treat the collective as if they are family, I believe they will, in many cases, return the favor. And it doesn’t cost any of us that much to simply be kind to strangers who’ve given us no reason (yet) to doubt them.

The corresponding North Node in Aquarius says it’s a good idea for South Node Leo to come down off its high horse and mix it up with the hoi polloi. It would be a good idea for South Node Leo to detach (Aquarius) from its wounded ego (Chiron Cancer+Leo Sun) and engage warmly (Leo) with the collective (Aquarius). And if you don’t want to give money to your parents or family, be generous in giving back to the collective via charity.

You get out there and give people warm, genuine smiles. You sincerely show caring about how they’re doing. You shake some hands. You slap some backs. As you accept your trophies, you thank the attendees and the viewers for coming out to support the tournament and support the game. That’s one way to embody the Leo Sun’s light instead of its shadow: You make it so that it’s Not All About You (Leo sun) or your pain (Chiron).

Chiron in Cancer, parental alienation, Patrick Reed

(Photo: Rob Schumacher, USA TODAY Sports.)

Another small gesture that I think would help a lot would be, for example, for South Node Leo/North Node Aquarius to “pay its dues” (Saturn, Capricorn) by saying, as you accept your rewards for a job well done, “A lot of people helped me to get to where I am today, and I thank y’all from the bottom of my heart.” It’s a general statement that doesn’t necessarily grant credit where he may have felt that none was due.

And, yes, you say “y’all” because you’re from the South and you’re just one of the gang. You ain’t no limousine liberal. 😉

Do you have Chiron in Cancer? What wounded you in early childhood? How have you come to terms (or not) as an adult with your early wounding? 

What’s your take on Reed’s troubles, in light of his natal chart? And how might he work effectively with some of these admittedly difficult energies?

Please share your thoughts in the comments, if you feel you can. I know these matters can be super-sensitive. 

*     *     *

Need strategies to help support a child, a family member, or a friend who’s sustained a spiritual wound? Astrology can help! Contact me for a consultation. 

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