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Neptune in Sagittarius: Boundless Freedom and Visionary Magic

Were you a teenager (or a preteen) in 1986? This song and its lyrics, for me, perfectly captures the spirit of your Neptune in Sagittarius: Boundless freedom and visionary magic.

Neptune had by 1986 moved into Capricorn. But, as always, artists incubate ideas for a time before they manifest an idea or a vision or a dream into reality.


“… Shine, sweet freedom
Shine your light on me
You are the magic
You’re right where I wanna be
Oh, sweet freedom, carry me along
We’ll keep the spirit alive on and on …”

Rod Temperton (songwriter)


Here’s a random sampling of quotes that illustrate the essence of Neptune in Sagittarius:

“[It] brings the potential for a deeper understanding of the meaning of life than in previous signs… You’re idealistic, gregarious, sports-minded, and in love with grand gestures and large ideas. You enjoy travel, religion (possibly even occult studies), politics, philosophy, and fair, frank, broad-minded individuals. You dream big (emphasis mine). (myastrologybook.com)”

“You refine knowledge and philosophy (discussion and belief) in a free and tolerant manner. It may be you distill the essence of knowledge so it is mystical and uncertain… You are very sensitive to matters related to freedom, especially in foreign lands and with foreign people. You are very tolerant, but this may be because you fail to see certain details and become entranced by your noble dreams of a better world. Yet, you do have a powerful ability to overcome these problems, and achieve a powerful solution.” (trans4mind.com)

“Neptune in Sagittarius is a trailblazer, like a piercing spotlight being shone onto the future trying to prophesy the path ahead, and it is idealistic and enchanted by the exotic. The spirit of this tribe is on a quest for truth like a blazing arrow fired at a distant or invisible target. They are a forward looking, optimistic people who can be easily led astray by faraway wonders and a miasma of Utopian idealism. They see themselves as some kind of a pilgrim making a sacred journey, but they rarely know where it leads…” (astralvisions.wordpress.com)

whitesnake big hair 1980s

(The big-haired guys of Whitesnake. Photo via simplyeighties.com)

And the music was as “big” as our hair was back then. 😉 —>

The oldest of you, the Neptune in Sadge kids, are around 48 years old. The youngest of you are around 34 years old. What do you remember about life in 1986? What songs capture the spirit of the times for you? Share in the comments!

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