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Brett Kavanaugh and South Node Sagittarius: SCOTUS Interruptus

SCOTUS Interruptus

Proposed Supreme Court justice Brett Kavanaugh has discovered that he wasn’t a shoo-in for the SCOTUS after all, having been credibly accused of a sexual assault that happened when he was in high school in the early 1980s. His accuser, Dr. Christine Blasey Ford, is a psychology professor, working at Palo Alto University and the Stanford University School of Medicine. Several more accusers have also since come forward.

Kavanaugh’s natal chart is shown below. Since there’s no confirmed birth time, I used the Natural House system. We don’t actually know his rising sign, so ignore the “Aries Rising” note.

South Node Sagittarius:  Judgy McJudgerson

It’s not surprising that a Sagittarian South Node would desire to sit in judgment of others. The problem is, this South Node is prone to overconfidence, arrogance, and dogmatism. Jupiter’s rulership of Sagittarius expands things on a good day, but bloats them on a bad day. Sagittarian South Nodes are also prone to excess, and the characterization of Kavanaugh as a binge drinker, at least in his past, is consistent with the Sagittarian South Node.

South Node Sagittarius can also indicate past lives of privilege, and privilege is often accompanied by an attitude that there is no need to filter or edit oneself.

The natural square of the sign Virgo to Kavanaugh’s Sagittarian South Node reflects a troubling attachment to the idea of sin and guilt, and the echo of, perhaps, one or more past lives as part of a priestly class that was imposing and enforcing subjective ideas about morality onto a culture–at the same time, making and enforcing rules that applied to others but not to themselves.

Looks like Kavanaugh is smelling a bad smell, right? Sagittarius South Node often fails to realize that’s the scent of their own bullshit. (Photo credit unknown.)

The other side of this natural square from the Sagittarian South node is Pisces, where Kavanaugh’s chart hosts Saturn and Chiron. Saturnian and Neptunian (Piscean) energies are always at odds with each other: Neptune is about what’s universal, formless, intangible, and spiritual, while Saturn is about hard, cold reality.

A fitting image to describe this is a view of Catholicism (and Kavanaugh is a Catholic) where he is really just unable to see the spirit and the mystery of the religion and instead focuses on the letter of the law. So we have here something like one of the Pharisees of the New Testament.

With Chiron in Pisces along with Saturn in Pisces, I don’t think Kavanaugh’s Catholicism gives him much joy or comfort from a spiritual perspective. Saturn in Pisces can manifest a person who is unable to see past an ugly concrete skyscraper in order to appreciate a beautiful sunrise or sunset in the distance. Chiron in Pisces says that this is an accidental wound–he was just, somewhere along the line, at the wrong place at the wrong time. But that doesn’t make the wound to his spirit any less lethal.

From where I sit, Kavanaugh’s South Node Sagittarius appears to be unevolved. It’s a horrible idea to put such a person in a high position where it will pass judgment for everyone in the land.

But he has “been there, done this” before.

North Node Gemini: Be the heretic. It will set you free.

The higher evolutionary path for the person with North Node in Gemini, which Kavanaugh accordingly has, involves coming down off of one’s high horse. It involves learning to listen and be curious rather than dispensing answers from some sort of high throne. South Node in Sagittarius needs to learn, first, that there is no one Truth for everyone. It needs to set aside the rigid fundamentalism that is, in actuality, making it miserable.

From what I can see, Kavanaugh does not embody the commitment to Truth and the freedom from fundamentalism that would allow him to dispense justice with integrity.

You see, Kavanaugh’s Gemini North Node actually wants him to be a heretic! As paradoxical as it may seem to the Sagittarian South Node, heresy can actually be their way to find and cement a real and personal connection to God or Spirit.

Photo: Policy Research Associates.

A South Node Sagittarius–especially when accompanied by Chiron in Pisces–can indicate the need to learn about different religions and spiritualities instead of just settling for the one you were born with.

For me, there’s very much a feeling of “the only way out is in” with Kavanaugh’s nodes. A Gemini North Node is about narrowing your vision as a means of imposing discipline upon oneself. In his case, I would suggest, “focus on the women.” Make an effort to see things from a different perspective.

But Sagittarius South Node hates to be circumscribed in any way. It’s going to demand what it believes is its freedom, even when their “freedom” is causing them pain.

The Sagittarian South Node needs to descend into the labyrinth. It needs to be forced to focus on the detailed conditions of its existence in order to to understand how unfree it has actually been.

Opening itself to other perspectives is the way that Gemini North Node finds its way to true freedom of mind.

“While the designs of labyrinths vary, they are not mazes – you can’t get “lost” in a labyrinth. The single path leads to a center that depicts a flower, cross, or other symbol. Then, when you are ready, you retrace the path out of the labyrinth, taking with you resolution, healing, or peace.” — Lisa Callahan

*     *     *

I definitely didn’t address everything about Kavanaugh’s chart here. What are your thoughts about his natal astrology? How about those planets in “activist” Aquarius? Does his touchy-feely Cancer Moon present a paradox for you? Share in the comments!

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