Affordable Astrology Reports Just for You!

Computerized reports are a budget-friendly way to begin exploring your own astrology or to get quick, reliable, personal-to-you information about transits, progressions, or how you match up with a potential partner, for example.


Natal Chart Report

Who are you? What are your strengths and your challenges? Why do you do the things you do, think the way you think, or feel the way you feel? A Natal Chart Report offers a personality-focused look at the stars’ positions at the time of your birth.

See a sample Natal Chart Report for Katy Perry (PDF format)




3-Month Transit Report

Do you need a short-term view of the next 90 days? Find out what the astro-weather’s going to be like by ordering a 3-Month Transit Report!

See a sample 3-Month Transit Report for Aziz Ansari (PDF format)




6-Month Transit Report

What does the astro-weather have in store for you during the next six months? Find out by ordering a 6-Month Transit Report!

See a Sample 6-Month Transit Report for John Boyega (PDF format)



Reports Coming Soon

  • Secondary Progressions Report
  • Solar Return Report
  • Synastry Report
  • Composite Report
  • Harmony Report (Family, Friendships, Business Associates)