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Kim Kardashian: The Holographic Woman

Merriam-Webster defines a hologram as “a three-dimensional image reproduced from a pattern of interference produced by a split coherent beam of radiation (such as a laser); also the pattern of interference itself.”

In simple terms, a hologram manipulates the available light to produce an image that merely looks real.

The Holographic Woman

Kim Kardashian is The Holographic Woman.

Astrological Chart of Kim Kardashian

(Chart courtesy of

The Underbelly is Lit

Anything you find on or near the angles of an astrological chart–those angles being the Ascendant/Descendant and Midheaven/Nadir “cross”–are always significant. And Kim K. has got a lot of action happening within range of her chart angles. But Kim’s Pisces moon, exact on the nadir (also known as the IC), makes this an especially interesting chart. The IC here is functioning like a laser lens, splitting those otherworldly moonbeams and and projecting that light upward to the visible, public parts of her chart.

The Moon is ruled by Cancer and is symbolic of “the Mother.” No surprises there! With Kim’s Moon on the IC, Kris Jenner’s influence in Kim’s life cannot be overstated. The Mercury-ruled 3rd house is about perceptions. It’s the house of the Mind, and it also rules siblings (again, no surprise!), aunts, and uncles. The Cancer-ruled 4th house is about your family of origin and your deep psychological and ancestral roots. Kim’s moon is also a gravitational force in her chart, pulling hard on the energies of both the 3rd and 4th houses to project her hologram up to where we all view it on a media screen.

Kim K. has got a Sagittarius ascendant with Neptune in the 1st house conjunct the ascendant by 7 degrees. The sign on the Ascendant is the “mask” or the persona that everyone sees when they look at us. We all have one.

sagittarius ascendant good life kim k

Sagittarius ascendant, showin’ you the big life. (Photo:  Jean-Paul Goude for Paper magazine)

Sagittarius is expansive. It’s larger than life. It has a tendency at times to blow things up beyond their natural proportions. Many have wondered why Kim K. is actually famous. Who really knows? That’s Neptune’s influence on her Ascendant.

I specifically mentioned 7 degrees with her Neptune because, interestingly, Mars sits on the “dark” 12th house side of Kim’s ascendant, conjuncting it by—say it with me—a 7-degree orb.

Mars visits assertiveness into the formlessness of the 12th house. It’s tough for warrior Mars to see what he’s supposed to be targeting when he’s wrapped in a thick layer of Neptunian fog (Neptune rules the 12th house).

Kim K’s. ascendant with its Neptune and Mars contacts gives me the sense that she’s hoisted on her own petard. I feel like I’m looking at a person who’s a victim of her own success.

The Virgoan Quest for Perfection

Kim’s Venus in Virgo is like a goddess with an attachment to not just beauty, but needing to present herself as a “perfect” beauty. The shadow side of Virgo energy is that it will nitpick every flaw to death. Does she ever give herself a break from this drive for perfection, even in private?

Kim Kardashian Rolling Stone Pic I just had to laugh at the caption. So much of what we see about Kim K. in the media is a hologram, not reality. Not to mention, that blown-up Sagittarian rack! (Sorry, but it's true.) (Photo via Rolling Stone magazine)

Um, no. The quest for perfection seems to know no bounds with this one. (Photo retrieved from

I mean, she tweets and Instas “images of perfection” from her bathroom. You know, having to continually live up to a subjective model of perfection can be exhausting. I tried it for a while myself in years past. But I ran across The Beauty Myth sometime around 1997 or so, and having read that, I was done.

Kim Kardashian Rolling Stone Pic

I just had to laugh at the caption. So much of what we see about Kim K. in the media is a hologram, not reality. And that blown-up Sagittarian rack, though! (Sorry, but it’s true.)   (Photo via Rolling Stone magazine)

But there’s a side to Kim K. that doesn’t get filtered through that holographic Pisces moon. Those unfiltered parts of her chart are some keys to her growth and evolution as a person in this lifetime.

So what parts of her chart aren’t directly influenced by that Pisces Moon?

Kim K’s. North Node is at 16 Leo in the 8th house. Opposite her North Node is her South Node at 16 Aquarius and the 2nd house. While Chiron isn’t shown on the chart above, Kim’s Chiron is found at 16 Taurus in the 5th house. What this means is that her South/North Node axis squares her Chiron in Taurus and the 5th house as well as, a bit more loosely, her Part of Fortune (also not shown on the chart) at 13 Taurus in the 5th house. And, of course, her Chiron is conjunct her Part of Fortune in the 5th house.

Astrologer Jeffrey Wolf Green identified squares to the nodes as representing a “skipped step” in our karmic development. It looks to me like she’s “skipping” her own creativity on some level. Gosh, it would just be such a good idea for her to find a way to shine based on her own unique talents rather than being defined by the projected energy of her family of origin.

The planetary energy in the 5th house indicates that she is indeed gifted with some kind of artistic, creative talent that she can tap into. But with part of that energy being Chironic, there’s unquestionably a feeling of woundedness about it.

In Chiron’s myth, he’s just in the wrong place at the wrong time. The key is to not let the wound dictate the overall quality of your life. Instead, you find ways to live a happy and fulfilling life in spite of the wound.

Her Aquarius/South Node/2nd house is a message about her values:  She mentally holds the public at a point of detachment and distance, even as she profits handsomely by their attentions. (Now, I’m not saying that just because someone’s a celebrity, it gives the public the right to run roughshod into the celebrity’s personal life.) But this Aquarian detachment has the flavor, to me, of saying, “Oh, so they have no bread? Well, let them eat cake instead.”

Get Off the Stage

Y’all remember that time in 2011 when Prince kicked Kim K. off the stage because she wouldn’t dance? Perfect illustration of her nodal “problem” combined with her elevated Venus in Virgo.

(Photo retrieved at

The 8th house is about naked emotional intimacy, things that are taboo, death, taxes, and witchcraft, among other things. Kim had a perfect opportunity here to embody her Leo North Node in the 8th house. I mean, who the fuck wouldn’t want a chance to go up on stage and do some sexy dancing with that very mysterious taboo-breaker, Prince?

Two things happened here, I think. One, Venus in Virgo does not want to break a sweat. Sweating messes up your makeup and your hair, and when that happens, you’re no longer “perfect.” Two, Prince, with his Scorpio Rising and Pluto on the Midheaven, was a very 8th house kind of guy. (Interestingly, Prince’s Moon is also in Pisces near the IC, just like Kim’s.) But her Aquarian South Node, instead of her Leo North Node, ruled the day. It was more comfortable for her to remain detached.  She strangely declined to accept the privilege she was offered that day, and it backfired on her. ‘Cause is there anybody here who doesn’t think Kim K. is as dumb as a box of rocks for not dancing with Prince? Here’s the thing:  A Leo North Node is entitled to embrace and enjoy some privileges that are not afforded to others.

You know, sometimes Kim K. needs to get off the stage, for real.

She has her own family now, a husband and (now) three children, and this is a vitally important important area of focus for her. I mean, it is for everyone who has a spouse and children, sure. But for Kim K. it’s not particularly easy, but it’s especially important.

(Photo via

With her four planets in Libra (Sun, Jupiter, Saturn, and Pluto) and her Leo/5th house energy, I feel that her time would be well spent, whatever else she’s doing, to be sure that she’s creating deep, warm, emotionally intimate bonds with the family she has created–especially with her spouse. There’s plenty of Libran energy available for Kim to connect deeply with a partner, though not all of the energy there is light and sweet. That’s probably a good thing, because light and sweet are often the enemy of deep intimacy. So Pluto and Saturn are really there in Libra to help her with her North Node quest.

Creating intimacy is not something that’s in Kim K’s. basic nature, owing to that Aquarian South Node. But Pluto in Libra wants to transform that in her, and there will no doubt be trauma and drama for her around this topic. Pluto places relentless pressure on a person to change, and it’s something you fight to your detriment.

Additionally, some of Kim K.’s best creative inspirations may be strongly tied to children too. Not necessarily that she creates items for children, but maybe that fostering close relationships with her own children can feed her creativity in positive ways.

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