Personalized Consultations

A “real human” astrologer can bring a depth of insight and flexibility to the astrology table that a computerized report can’t.

Natal Chart Consultations (via Skype, 75 minutes)

Your date, time, and place of birth allow me to look at a snapshot of the energies that were in play at the moment you were born. I look at the traditional and modern planets in astrology plus your North and South Nodes. Your consultation and chart will also include dwarf planets Ceres and Eris; asteroids Juno, Pallas, and Vesta and Black Moon Lilith. I check to see if there are additional named or numbered asteroids that play a major role in your natal chart. I also provide a quick look at your Progressed Lunation Cycle.

Here’s what I’m focusing on as I work with your natal chart:

  • Your Soul’s purpose as defined by the North and South Nodes of the Moon.
  • The nature of your unique strengths and challenges in life.
  • The ways in which your core personality as defined by the planets actually support your North Node path.

Being able to talk with you via Skype lets you provide real-time input and lets me get your real-time feedback.

As we work together with the information in your natal chart, we play with concepts and you get to try on ideas. We work together to to discover a karmic story that fits you to a T.

We talk about how to work with the specific combination of energies in your natal chart to inspire you toward developing your own uniquely successful approach to life!

When our consultation is completed, I send you a PDF printout of your chart and an MP3 recording of our session so you can listen to it again if you like.


Chart Chat (30 minutes)

Chart Chat is a shorter consultation where we talk about a specific life situation or question you’re experiencing, as viewed through the lens of your own astrology.