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Astrological Chart Readings: Which Method Works Best?

Technology eventually made it possible for astrological seekers to get real-time astrological readings via Skype. Have you ever purchased an astrological consult that was delivered via Skype? I’ve had two of them. And the first one wasn’t a great experience for me at all.

I’d given this first astrologer my birth information beforehand, but she wasn’t able to discuss my chart in a coherent way. She failed to structure and guide the reading from her end to effectively deliver her own insights and guidance. So I ended up doing most of the talking.

I don’t really know what the problem was; I can only speculate. My natal chart is a tough one to read. A different astrologer once called my natal chart “intimidating.” (Ha!) I kind of feel like the first Skype astrologer didn’t look at my chart beforehand. Or if she did, she may not have made notes about it. Maybe she simply thought she’d remember it. But she didn’t.

So I ended up paying an astrologer a-hundred-and-some dollars to let me do all the talking, and I received little in return. Ugh.

Talking can be therapeutic, but I could have just talked a friend’s ear off for free, right? I was paying someone for astrological insight and guidance that didn’t come through. Honestly, I felt kind of ripped off.

The astrologer didn’t record the session or even offer to record it, so it ended up being a chat session that’s now just part of the ether. At the time, I wasn’t experienced enough to know what would make a Skype reading the most useful and successful for me.

Creative People and the Problem of Structure

Many of us kind of joke around about New Age types being flaky, spacy, and unreliable. But there’s a nugget of truth to that.

I’ve been part of the metaphysical community since 1999. Here’s what I’ve seen time and time again: Lots of people who do intuitive, psychic, or creative, right-brain-type work in general either don’t understand structure, or they seem to think it’s a bad thing.

I often see people trying to manifest things and failing. Sometimes they blame Fate. Sometimes they blame other people. But in truth, the first thing we need to look at is ourselves, our own goals and methods.

Now, about the “Fate” thing, I agree that none of us are living in a vacuum. To some degree we all have to work within the confines of the Fate we’re collectively creating. And sometimes Fate is simply unable to make room for what we want. It’s nothing personal.

But one reason that manifestation can fail is because there is no container to hold the Magic you want to channel. I think that’s the gist of what happened with the first Skype astrologer and me.

*    *    *

When I’m getting a reading for myself, I’d much prefer to get it in written form so that I can refer to it again and again, exactly as it was written at the time. But I don’t get the impression that many astrologers like to do that. Having written numerous readings myself, I know it takes a lot of work to do that. And if you want to help a lot of clients, writing down a reading could take much longer than the astrologer wants to spend on it.

Too, astrological interpretations aren’t just one thing, and they aren’t written in stone. Talking to your client instead of just writing a static story for them lets you throw out ideas for the client, which the client can then “play” with to see how the planets’ archetypes and energies sit and fit with their own situation. Skype works great in that type of situation.

I guess the takeaway here is that a responsible and experienced astrologer will, in my opinion, offer to provide a recording to you without you having to ask for it. The recording is the “container” for your reading. But if they don’t offer it, don’t hesitate to ask for one.

Though, knowing what I know now, I would probably think twice about working with an astrologer who didn’t offer me a recording without me having to ask for it.