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Are You a Late Bloomer? Saturn Offers Clues to Where You Need Some Time to Develop

Saturn presides over late-blooming things.

My hubby came home the other day with a couple of potted chrysanthemums. This is a fall tradition for us, much like how people buy poinsettias during the winter holidays. The mums are sitting on our porch right now, and we’re watching and waiting for the plants to come into full bloom.

However, we live in Texas, and it’s still pretty warm here in October. It may be a while before those buds decide to open up. That’s okay. I’m just sort of savoring the anticipation.

Chrysanthemums make you realize that if all the flowers in your garden bloomed at the same time, you’d spend a lot of time wishing there was more color in your garden. So it’s not like late blooming is a bad thing. To me, the most beautiful gardens are the ones that are strategically planted so that something is always blooming throughout the growing season.

purple-grapes-vineyard-napa-valley-napa-vineyard-45209-min pexels wandering star astrologySome types of plants actually need cold weather or other types of difficult conditions in order to develop well. I think of a saying I’ve read that winemakers will sometimes say:  “Torture the vine, improve the grape.”

Saturn aspects are connected to what we’ve culturally identified as a “late bloomer.” Everyone has Saturn in their birth chart, and that’s an area of life where each person might develop more slowly than they do in other areas of life.

In my own chart, Saturn lives in Aquarius and the 8th house. The 8th house touches on some pretty serious stuff, like sex, death, occult (hidden) matters, wills, inheritances, taxes, and other people’s money in general.

Definitely in all of these areas of life I’ve experienced developmental delays. After I passed my first Saturn return, though (and that’s roughly around 27-29 years of age for everyone) these issues started coming to the forefront. This also happened for me in an orderly manner–because Saturn represents the principle of order, among other things.

Sometimes not having to deal with an issue before you’re mature enough to handle it is a true blessing. This is one of Saturn’s gifts to us, though we might not see it as such until later, in the rearview mirror.

So I’m only human, and occasionally I get depressed. (It’s a huge improvement, with hindsight. I used to tell people that I spent the first 30 years of my life depressed.) When I get to feeling depressed, I tend to think of Saturn as the resounding “no” in my chart. Sometimes I forget that Saturn is not just about limits–it’s also about time. And sometimes we just need time to develop maturity and perspective on the matters over which Saturn presides in our charts.

If Saturn always came around empty-handed, he’d be utterly intolerable. Luckily that’s not his way. Saturn just waits until the right time to come forward with the reward. But–he also says you’ve got to do some work around improving your relationship to certain matters. You’ll need to develop some sense of duty and integrity around the use of whatever issues your Saturn sign and house indicate for you.

Saturn - girl-holding-flower-1204296_640 pixabayThe 8th house also governs trusts. It helps a bit for me to think about my 8th house Saturn holding something in trust for me until I’ve developed the maturity to handle it well.

Think also about the fact that some types of trusts do not go through probate when the trustmaker dies. Beyond the reward itself, waiting a while to receive Saturn’s rewards specifically helps you to avoid racking up bad karma associated with that reward.

Astrologer Ray Grasse wrote what I consider to be a fairly seminal guide about Saturn and late bloomers, and I wanted to share it with you today. I trust it’ll be helpful and enlightening!

Saturn, the Late Bloomer: Understanding the Long-Range Dynamics of Saturn in the Horoscope

So where does Saturn fall in your birth chart? In what areas of life has Saturn kept you from “blooming” too soon? How has late blooming been beneficial for you?

Not sure where Saturn falls in your chart? Interested in discovering your own astrology as a means of personal development? Contact me for a consultation. 

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