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Ann Coulter — Talking To Her Self Again

As Ronald Reagan once quipped, “There you go again!” Ann Coulter, polemicist for the American Right, has now informed us that her ancestors are “settlers,” rather than “immigrants.”

Oh, those noble settlers, who were then gratefully handed the keys to the store by the noble savages.

Cue the eyerolls, someone.

What drives Coulter to engage in making provocative statements for public consumption? And what can she do to “get over it”?


As is often the case with public figures, an accurate birth time is not available for Coulter. So this isn’t intended to be an exhaustive natal chart reading. But as I studied Coulter’s chart, I was able to learn a great deal about her via just her sign placements.

Coulter’s birth date, December 8th, gives her an expansive and fiery Sun in Sagittarius. Her sign quality is Mutable, and her elemental orientation leans strongly toward Fire.

Sagittarius:  Expanding Your Perspective vs. Blowing Hot Air

An *evolved* Sagittarian is an “arms wide open” kind of person. (Photo: KaylasYoga@pixabay)

Everything about Sagittarius is BIG, and it wants to get bigger. With the concentration of energy in Sagittarius represented by the presence of Sun, Mercury, Venus, and Mars, Coulter’s personality is very sure of itself, to say the least.

Odds are that Coulter’s birth moon is in Sagittarius, but a confirmed birth time after about 8:00 P.M. on her birth date would give her an ambitious and emotionally contained Moon in early Capricorn. These two moons couldn’t be more different. A Sagittarius moon is a truth-teller–or, at least, the teller of the “truth” from its own perspective. A Sadgie moon sometimes doesn’t know when to keep its mouth shut. A Capricorn moon, on the other hand, can be cold and restrained, at least on the surface.

Sun conjunct Mars is a notable aspect. It speaks to the idea that something about her assertiveness is feeding her ego drive, and the presence of these two celestial bodies in Sagittarius ties this drive to religion, philosophy, and legal issues.

Mercury in Sagittarius is concerned with the expansion (or bloating, as the case may be) of ideas and perceptions. Venus in Sagittarius can be judgmental and restless, but it’s easy to see how some might also fall in love with this Venus’s devil-may-care manner.

An evolved Sagittarius is a delightful sort of person, a true joy to be around. A happy Sagittarius is pregnant with possibilities. But it seems that Coulter is a fairly apt example of a Sagittarian who is driven by their shadow.  A negatively aspected Sagittarius is bloated with hot air and has a tendency toward dogmatism and blowhard pronouncements.

Jupiter in Aquarius inflates Coulter’s propensity toward activism. Aquarius is a progressive sign by nature, but Jupiter is the planet that rules Sagittarius. So her Aquarian activism seems to have taken on the dogmatic flavor of Jupiter/Sagittarius’s shadow.

With her natal Saturn in Capricorn–and this placement is a real buzzkill, owing to the fact that Saturn is at home in Capricorn as its “ruler,” and its cold, old, heavy energy is thus intensified–plus the concentrated energy of her Sagittarian placements, Coulter displays a strong personal orientation toward traditionalism, authority, and structure.

Interestingly, Saturn makes only one aspect in her natal chart–to Jupiter, the planet that rules Sagittarius. She clearly is on the side of  preserving existing traditions and upholding “moral” authority.

Coulter currently functions as a Hierophant, or a “Papess,” for American conservatism. And that’s also consistent with the concentration of energy in her natal chart in Sagittarius. But what’s the payoff for her on a personal level?

The shadow of  Sagittarius is that it *needs* to be right, no matter what that costs them. It is impressed with its lofty position in some type of hierarchy. And it has an annoying tendency to believe its own bullshit.

Coulter’s Outer Planets

Coulter’s natal Pluto is found in fussy, critical Virgo, applying 90 hot degrees of friction to her Sagittarian planets. These Sagittarian squares to Pluto indicate that there’s something about Coulter’s way of expressing her Sagittarian energy that is being forced toward change.

Successful Plutonian transformations don’t happen without deep introspection. But Coulter’s ability to intuit her own depths is occluded by foggy Neptune’s presence in Scorpio.

Photo: U.S. Geological Survey/Getty Images

Virgo can be very attached to being in control, believing that they can remedy the imperfection they see everywhere. Virgoan anger and frustration at the imperfection of things, expressed via Pluto, can seethe below the surface like volcanic magma. When it breaches the surface and goes on the move, it will destroy anything in its path.

Coulter’s Uranus is on the Leo/Virgo cusp at 0 Virgo. In his book Uranus: Freedom from the Known, evolutionary astrologer Jeffrey Wolf Green notes that Uranus’s position in Virgo can indicate “a sense of psychological separation, of isolation, from their immediate environment [and] subconscious memories from other lifetimes of intense, irrational persecution and ridicule. This creates the effect of not only feeling victimized, but also one of trying to appear normal in their lives, even though they do not feel normal. This form of compensation creates [a] sense of frustration and isolation.”

In Virgo, Uranus works to “create one crisis condition after another.” (Green) But the shocks and sudden WTF? of Uranus are ultimately intended to liberate us from the past and free our minds to focus on the future.

The collective needs to quit overreacting–whether with unmerited love or understandable hate–toward Coulter’s polemic statements. She’s not actually talking to any of us. I realized a while back that she’s actually talking to her inner Self. What’s happening here is that Uranus is trying to get her “woke” so that she can stop feeding her ego on the energy that is fed back to her by the collective. Because, for Coulter, the collective’s energy is the equivalent of junk food.

With a plethora of planets in the later signs of the zodiac, Coulter is strongly focused on the outward and social aspects of life rather than on her own inner realities. This isn’t surprising, considering the challenge toward introspection that vague Neptune’s presence in Scorpio presents to her.

Healing the “Unhealable” Wound

With Coulter’s natal Chiron in Pisces, somewhere in her past she sustained a kill-level wound to her ability to connect to God or the Source or Spirit. Whatever wounded the Chiron in Pisces person, the result is that they have a hard time reestablishing this connection.

The higher, undamaged expression of Sagittarius, where so many of Coulter’s planets lie, can point to an abundance of faith. But faith in who or what?

Coulter would benefit greatly if she could relax and spend some time floating on the boundless waves of the cosmic sea. The polarity point for her Pluto in Virgo lies at 11 Pisces. The Sabian symbol for 11 Pisces is “people traveling a narrow path, seeking illumination.” 

(Photo: stocksnap@pixabay)

Engaging in meditation, prayer, lucid dreaming, shamanic journeywork, or astral travel are all examples of how one might pursue creating connection to god/spirit. But these activities can feel discouraging or pointless for a Chiron in Pisces.

Like Chiron, the Soul is immortal. You don’t die from this wound that would have killed anyone else. So you have to find a way to function effectively in spite of this terrible wound. Chiron became a respected teacher and mentor after receiving this wound.

Coulter’s Sagittarian placements reinforce the idea of taking time away from the day-in, day-out routines of life. Sagittarians get excited in anticipation of a journey to the mountaintop, for example. They might pray or meditate or take a shamanic journey after they reach the summit, reaching out to god or spirit. They might hang out up there for quite a while. And doing so is a high and noble expression of Sagittarian energy.

Chiron plus her Sagittarian planets all point toward her seeking to embody the highest expression of Sagittarius, which is about exploring big questions about life in service to Truth–the whole, all-encompassing Truth– for its own sake, rather than using shady information or incomplete truths to get a rise out of people.

The “Good Idea” of the North Node

Coulter’s South Node is found in Aquarius with the corresponding North Node in Leo.

With an Aquarian South Node, Coulter subconsciously remembers the experience of sacrificing her own needs to the demands of the collective. South Node in Aquarius (a sign whose traditional ruler is Saturn) can indicate a heavy feeling of duty or responsibility to a group or network of people in a past life. Whatever things she desired on a personal level were sacrificed to “The Cause.”

Accordingly, folks who host their South Node in the sign of Aquarius are likely to have one of those light-bulb moments:  “Hey! I am a person! I have a right to exist! What about me??” And this is a right question for a South Node Aquarius to ask.

Sure, some people’s evolutionary spiritual work involves moving toward a state of egolessness. Buddhism and New Age teaching and practices, for example, often emphasize that the ego must be deflated or even “erased” in some way. Specific to the Christian milieu, the apostle John says, “He [Christ] must increase, but I must decrease. (John 3:30, KJV). But this approach IS NOT right or appropriate for a South Node Aquarius/North Node Leo.

But it’s not about usurping the place of god or spirit, either. A difficult or shadowed Sagittarius, such as Coulter has, is prone to do this. It wants to “play god.”

It would be freeing for Coulter to acknowledge to herself that she has already paid her South Node Aquarian debt to the collective, to acknowledge that she can stop playing god or pope/papess to the conservative audience. She need not answer to the conservative “masters.” A Leo North Node has no master but itself.

With that out of the way, a Randian question which Coulter may accept as valid presents itself to her for deep scrutiny:

“Who is Ann Coulter?” 

Instead of playing god or functioning as a hierophant or papess for others, Coulter needs to find out what she really cares about on a personal level and and pay attention to her personal priorities first and foremost. A North Node Leo’s priorities will ideally have nothing to do with the public or with serving a group or network of people.

Not to say you have to do your North Node Leo things alone; on the contrary! A North Node Leo is at its best engaging warmly and individually with their fellow hobbyists, for example. And it’s likely to feel awkward and exposed for them, because the opposing Aquarius South Node has always kept a distance in the past. But creating these warm, individual connections is medicine for a North Node Leo. And the North Node Leo needs to also realize that they don’t owe it to anyone to run the group or speak for the group or anything like that. For a North Node Leo, it’s okay to say no to such things.

(Photo: IanZA@pixabay)

A Leo North Node’s “health food” might include creativity such as art or music or acting. It involves paying more attention to cultivating your personal environment than you do trying to create an environment for a group or a collective. It includes giving yourself the best you can afford, because Leo wants you to know that you deserve it. Again, very importantly, it involves cultivating warm, individual engagement (Leo) rather than cold, collective detachment (Aquarius).

Engaging with one’s own inner child is a vital strategy for living her Leo North Node. Leo is fun! Leo is joyful! Leo feels good about itself! Leo is confident that the “gold” it has inherited is its birthright.

Leo’s innocence is that of a child, unmarred by cynicism or duty or pain. A Leo North Node needs to not only engage with, but also heal its inner child. And, frankly, Coulter’s schtick of “acting out” in the media looks like a classic cry for help from a damaged, wounded child.

Again, with a murky Neptune in Scorpio, Coulter may be challenged in finding her way to the personal depths she so desperately needs to visit. But with the influence of a penetrating, relentless, Pluto–which is the modern sign ruler of Scorpio–she can cut through the fog of illusion or delusion.

Saturn/Pluto in Capricorn: A Hard Day’s Night for Coulter

Coulter will be experiencing her second Saturn Return in 2020, with transiting Saturn in exact conjunction to her natal Saturn in February 2020, July/August 2020, and November 2020. The second Saturn Return represents a time of evaluation of the previous 25-28 years of life. Saturn asks us to get real about who we are, what we have accomplished, and what our goals need to be for the next phase of our lives.

(Photo: Hans@Pixabay)

As of this writing, transiting Pluto is at 20 Capricorn and within “feeling distance” of Coulter’s natal Saturn at 27 Capricorn. Pluto will fusing into this exact conjunction in February/March 2022, July 2022, December 2022, January 2023, and October/November 2023. And the nature of a Pluto/Saturn conjunction is hardcore.

Ann Coulter’s immovable Saturn is preparing to meet Pluto’s irresistible force. 

Interestingly, Coulter’s natal Saturn makes an exact, applying conjunction in synastry to the USA’s natal Pluto (Sibly chart) at 27 Capricorn too.  The USA’s own Pluto return in 2022 will coincide with transiting Pluto’s passage over Coulter’s natal Saturn.

The USA’s Pluto return is extremely significant for both Coulter and for the nation. The next few years promise an increasingly difficult time for both Coulter on a personal level and for the nation as a whole. That’s why it’s so important for her, as well as all of us, to be doing the personal spiritual work we need to do. Changing circumstances are requiring us all to change inwardly too.

The real (Saturn), deep (Pluto) question here for Coulter is this: What will she create as the old structures juggernaut their way toward collapse? What will she build from the ruins of those structures?

It may be that we see Coulter retreat from the public stage during this time. These energies are no joke. 

Or she may cling doggedly to her Sagittarian shadow and be elevated in some way within the conservative collective structure.

Ann Coulter is approaching an important fork in the road of her life. Will she create for herself and the nation a prison of truthiness? Or will she step back in order to learn and live her own Truth?