feat - 900x700 about - Tris Spencer Astrology-minGreetings! I’m Tris Spencer. Welcome to my website/blog!

I’ve been a devoted student and practitioner of astrology for 12 years now. I began my astrological studies in 2006.

There’s a story behind how I became an astrologer, and astrology is also involved. You can read about that here, if you like.

As I continued along in my studies, I found myself gravitating strongly toward modern techniques with a focus on how the Soul evolves through one lifetime, or through many lifetimes, if you believe in past lives. I write and consult from either perspective.

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I love answering questions on my blog! Drop me a line via my Contact page if you’d like to send in a question. 

Most of all, thanks for visiting.

Warmly, Tris