feat - 900x700 about - Tris Spencer Astrology-minI’m Tris Spencer. Hail and welcome!

I’ve been walking my own crooked pagan path since 1999, and I’ve been a devoted student and practitioner of astrology since 2006. Currently I am formalizing my astrological studies and validating my knowledge as a student of Mark Jones and the Pluto School of Astrology. Mark Jones is a respected evolutionary astrologer who was trained in the style of evolutionary astrology taught by Jeffrey Wolf Green. Evolutionary astrology is a great fit for my pagan worldview and practice.

From 2007-2009 I was a student of “born” witch, seer, and shamanic healer¬†Cynthia Turrentine–better known as “Elf” by just about everyone. Elf is the real deal as well as a practiced, challenging, and compassionate guide who escorted me over the magical “firewall.” ūüôā We continued to interact closely as friends and magical peers from 2010-2016. Though our physical paths have now diverged–hers to southeastern Ohio and mine to central Texas–we’re still simpatico.

Most lately, I’ve been working with the¬†Fairycraft¬†knowledge and practices written about by Morgan Daimler. I’m also quite a fan of the at-times controversial work of Robin Artisson. There is nobody else out there, in my opinion, who is talking about the metaphysics of witchcraft and “deep green” spiritual ecology in a more accessible and understandable way than he is. (But feel free to hit me up with some recommendations, if you have any!)

While I’m theoretically a polytheist, I haven’t worked at all with the gods until now, starting summer 2018. I received an unexpected invitation to enter a doorway that leads to Herself, an invitation which I’ve accepted.

Also on my schedule for 2019 is to undertake and complete the OBOD training in druidry. That “crooked path” I mentioned seems to be leading me toward some sort of public spiritual service to others. This blog is, I guess, a start.

I label myself a provocateur, among other things… that’s my natal Eris in the 10th house and Aries, opposing my 4th house Sun in Libra. Just a bit of fair warning there, as I resonate strongly with the Eris archetype. It’s not a comfortable role for me–just a necessary one. I also claim the title of “Crone of Anarchy.” ūüėČ

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tris spencer astrologySo astrology… it’s one spiritual tool among many useful spiritual¬† tools. Astrology offers us a holistic way in which anyone (religious or not) can organize and interpret one’s life experiences. Astrology illuminates personality and purpose, gifts and challenges. Astrology lends understanding to how we, as spiritual beings, move through Fate during one lifetime and through many lifetimes.

“… we’re not just born empty… we’re born carrying stories, carrying memories. And we learn to look at how to see those memories in a chart.”
–Mark Jones, Pluto School of Astrology

In addition to blogging about astrology, I also cover a wide variety of topics from my own animistic and polytheistic perspective.

Perhaps interestingly for someone who’s an “out” pagan, I was actually brought up in the Christian church with both Catholic and Protestant influences. Many who now practice pagan spiritualities did begin life in “The Church” and later reached out for something different.

I spent five years (late 1980s/early 1990s) as a member of a Bible-based cult.¬†Though it could be argued that my “cult indoctrination” began with Bob Jones University and the independent Baptists back in the mid-1970s, at the hands of a parent, just after I hit puberty.

Here’s something that’s important to know:¬†The broader Judeo-Christian worldview we all carry with us in the Western world can and does color pagan belief and practice–quite often, I’ve found, in ways that are unhelpful. I became a better pagan (in my own view, of course) by becoming able to see these subtle impacts so that I could shift my thoughts and actions toward a more earth-centered,¬†animistic way of being.

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